Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Pleeese help me! I'm meeeelting!

Not only is it a balmy 74 degrees outside, it is a hot, sticky, uncomfortable 84 degrees inside at work today!   It's a bit hard to concentrate with the sweat is trickling down your back.  AARRGH.

On a lighter note:  We are having a groovy Halloween-type office party at the picnic shelter in the park at Broughton State Mental Hospital.  (Which is a spooky place in and of itself!  I read on the internet that those woods are haunted, as a woman was murdered there a long, long time ago.  Oh, well. . . aren't we all just a little spooky, too?)  I think I'll dress up as my "evil twin sister!"

That's it for lunch time notes!

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