Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cruising Down Waterfall Road

Where The Water Falls
This waterfall is located on Waterfall Road in Caldwell County, N.C.  The road is just off 321 North and happens to be on the way to Blowing Rock and Boone, where I spend much time during the year - it's my favorite place to escape!

Years ago, the waterfall was dotted with grafitti and litter.  Some things never change.  The low rocks still had some grafitti (usually it's a proclamation of someone's love such as "Tony Loves Judy," or something like that).  However, it was good to see the litter was gone and this place, which is little more than a pull-over along a winding road, was quiet and serene last week when I was there.  I stopped for a bit to muse and inhale the heady scent of water and earth.  Small treasures of nature like this one remind me to take life on glorious day at a time.

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