Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pumpkin "Perp"

Hmmm. . . yummy pumpkin!

Scarecrow is smiling because to the naked
eye the pumpkin on the left seems intact.
In fact, the backside of it has been nibbled
on daily by the Pumpkin "Perp!"

The Pumpkin "Perp." 
"Book Him Dan-o!"
   Every autumn I invest in a couple of small pumpkins with which to decorate the entrance to the courtyard of my home.  And . . . every year there's  a rascally squirel who delights in nibbling away at the pumpkin buffet! This little critter loves pumpkin rind and has now nearly nibbled his way completely through one of my glorious orange orbs!

Arrrgh! I placed the pumkins at the foot of my seasonal scarecrow, which might be scaring crows, but it's sure not doing anything to fight the onslaught of that cute but pesky rodent!

Alas, I bought a nice carving pumpkin recently but had to steal it away to the fireplace hearth where it waits for Halloween. 

One year, I decided to attach 3 ears of  Indian corn to my mailbox as a seasonal decoration.  The very next afternoon, upon arriving home from work, I discovered 3 completely bare corn cobs. 

Oh well... such is life when you live in the woods.

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