Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Beauty

October Geese in Morning Flight
Table Rock & Hawk's Bill in the Background

I love the warmth and color of October:

The smell of the fresh, crisp morning air.

Plump geese flying from one pond to the next.

A cup of hot tea sitting in my old rocking chair on the porch, watching the sun set low on the horizon.

The smell of wood smoke.

The morning mist hanging over the Johns River as I cross it each morning on the way to work.

Pumpkins scattered about! And the anticipation of donning a special disguise for an upcoming annual Hallowee party at friend's house on the lake!

Toasty warm sweaters found at the Goodwill Store for a mere song!

Snoodling with my pooches!

And finding time to read "World Without End" by Ken Follett - a huge novel I purchased this summer to read during these glorious fall days!

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