Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indian Summer

It's been an altogether long Indian Summer.  It's 85 degrees today!  Where is the crisp, cool air? The wind rustling through the leaves? Chrysanthemums in bloom??? Ack! I've invested in some nice sweaters from Goodwill (currently my most favorite boutique).  I sure would love to wear them!

I'm writing this missive during my lunch hour which will be followed by a PMP by my supervisor.  PMP means Personal Management Plan . . . or something like that.  Hm... it's just another way to say yearly review.  I am, I believe, among the bottom 5 making the least amount of pay in a government department where I've worked for 13 years.  Needless to say, my motivation at the moment is not stupendous. I am a glorified secretary.  A couple of things I've discovered though:
  1. Without the low-end support staff, the upper-end staff (with fancy degrees) is basically lost.
  2. The secretary/receptionist/ processing assistant - whatever - is the one person who is likely to know the most about what's going on at any given time.
Hey, you wanna know something? Go ask the secretary.  'Just saying.

Okay, well . . . now that I've finished my macaroni salad I guess I better freshen my breath and lipstick and brace myself for the rest of this day!

Over and out for now.

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