Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Caldwell County's very own Madison Bumgarner (Who just turned 21 on Aug. 1, 2010), rookie pitcher for the San Francisco Pirates, made a giant impression on baseball fans, as he premiered his talents in a World Series victory against the Texas Rangers on Monday, 11/1/10!

Bumgarner and his longtime high school sweetheart, Ali Saunders, both graduates of South Caldwell High School, were married on Valentines Day this year.

I watched most of the game Halloween night.  The Giants were playing on the Rangers' home field.  That alone would have been daunting, but in addition both President Bushs were in the house, complete with an entourage of secret service agents. 

Madison, a.k.a "Maddy," seemed cool as a cucumber as the crowds roared around him.  And . . . MAN, can this kid throw a fast ball! 

I'd like to wish Madison and his lovely bride and their family all the best as they have much to celebrate!

Check it out at http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/39944639/ns/sports-baseball/http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/39944639/ns/sports-baseball/

Throughout the series the game announcers would make reference to the fact Maddy is from Hudson, NC, a small town of 3,500 people.  Hmmm... is that really pertinent? They kind of made out like Hudson was a small town located in the outter rings of the galaxy.  For cryin' out loud people, everyone has to be from somewhere.  Nonetheless, I reckon that thar Bumgarner kid done prooved that even us hill folks got talent, poise and class!

I happen to be from Hudson myself.  I moved there from Hickory, NC, some 15 years ago.  Frankly, Hudson was a well kept secret until now.  We cherish our small town where folks are nice, main street is decorated for every season, and the views of Granfather Mountain and surrounding foothills can't be beat!

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