Monday, November 15, 2010

Kinks in the Road

You know, sometimes things happen to mess up your week (or weeks, if they are consecutively bumpy) that you have absolutely no control over.  Last week I spent my Veteran's Day off talking to some dude in India, trying to get my internet back up.  Yesterday, again, another four hours was spent with a Charter installation guy who came to install our television, phone and internet service.  'Got the internet - finally - then accidently deleted my Control X application which means, DOH! I don't have internet yet again! I could kick myself. Then, I come to work today on third floor of our old building where they're housing 14 of us during the building's major renovation and the heating/airconditioning units were (allegedly) going to be installed in the windows.  So, natch, the electrical guys cut holes out in two of the windows and then went downstairs to start a different project.  Now we are sitting up here on this dark, dreary day exposed to the cold and and damp because of these stupid holes. Actually, it's raining and we are exposed to the damp air because of that. 

BUT, do I get worked up about this mess??? Why bother . . . Thank God for better living through pharmacology!

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