Friday, November 12, 2010

Troubleshooting via Earthlink

At some point in time during this past weekend my home connection to Earthlink  gave up the ghost.  This meant no e-mailing, no surfing, no transmitting of written material or photos to FOCUS (free weekly entertainment newspaper).  This was not the first time this internet provider has disappointed me . . .but it was the last time.  I was off  from work for Veterans Day and spent my entire afternoon chatting with some fella in India about troubleshooting this problem of  a lost connection.  His name was Steve.  I really wanted to say, "Ah, come on now Steve - what do your friends call you? Papoo? Devinder? Ram? " I kind of had a problem with the fact that not only has the work been outsourced to India, they probably require their tech people to use strictly English names. And, even though he spoke English, he wasn't speaking well enough for me to understand him most of the time, so I had to keep saying, "Sorry, what was that?"

At any rate, after nearly FOUR hours, Steve concluded the problem had to be with my router.  He connected me with someone who was going to help me with that but, at that moment time, my phone went dead because it needed charging.  Good thing, too - at least it saved me from being a horse's ass! I had reached the point of cursing. 

Ahhh... all things happen for a reason. I am now officially divorced from Earthlink and am looking forward to working with a new provider by the end of the month. Dad-nab technology, it's a blessing and a curse!

Peace. Over and out.

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