Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer's Last Kiss

High Green Meadows

In Memoriam, Agnes MacRae Morton

It was the last weekend in August when I had the opportunity, nay, pure joy of traveling to the highlands of Watauga County, N.C.  I can think of nothing, save for the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, more beautiful than the meadows at the foot of Grandfather Mountain.

It was a clear Carolina Blue Sunday morning with low humidity (a rarity in late August).  As I strode through the soft green grass and clover, I felt the spirit of the Universe was there.  I found a lovely rock memoriam to Agnes MacRea Morton whose decision it was to hold the Scottish Highland Games in these green grasses every year.  The land on which the Scotch clansmen and various other folks gather is known as MacRae Meadow. 

Grandfather Mountain Keeps a Peaceful Watch Over the Meadow Below

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain, which was previously owned by the late, great, Hugh Morton, stands a peaceful watch over the meadow.  Morton was a well known wildlife/nature photographer and philanthropist, and was known for his kindness in keeping all life on Grandfather Mountain in a proper eco-sytstem. And, on a perfect day such as the one I discovered the day I took these photos, I give a hearty salute to Mr. Morton  Thank you for the calmness. Thank you for the beauty.  Thank you for pure spirit.


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