Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Dog

Santa "Paws"

Oh Christmas dog, oh Christmas dog, your nose is bright and shiny.
Oh Christmas dog, oh Christmas dog, so is your hiney.
You light the night so bright and free though I know you’d rather be inside with me.

Oh Christmas dog, oh Christmas dog, please guide me through the rain and fog.
You light the way to my front door which keeps me from tripping up and getting sore.
I plug you in again and again to me you’re man’s best holiday friend.

Oh Christmas dog, oh Christmas dog, you’re so cute to me.
Oh Christmas dog, oh Christmas dog that’s why so I placed you near the dogwood tree!

Season’s greetings everyone.  I don’t normally go in for a lot of outdoor holiday lighting. Some of it can be as tacky as bright red fingernail polish.  But, this year, I found a little lighted 30-inch white dog advertised in a local store flyer and found it so endearing I just couldn’t resist. His red and white Santa hat is offset by a sparkly green neck scarf.  Of course then I had to decorate the picket fence behind the little fella with red and white lights.  Uh, and then I put a Christmas tree lit with red lights up in the window. So, if any of you see me out and about wearing bright red finger nail polish, shoot me …with a water pistol.

In this season that represents new birth and possibilities, I wish you one and all the very best. May your blessings be many, your needs be few and may peace settle gently over you at the end of the day! From my house to yours: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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