Saturday, February 9, 2013

In a Dreamlike State of Mind

When I first saw this photo, taken by my groovy friend, Roger Pettry, I immediately wished I had taken it. Roger retired from the same place I work a couple of years ago and evolved into a nomad of sorts, travelling to Baja in the winter and making his way back to Morganton, NC, in the spring. He took this photo on an early summer morning along the Catawba River when the air is cooler than the water temperature, causing a dreamlike fog to hover over the river.  I can imagine myself sitting in one of those pink chairs, drinking a good cup of coffee, just simply enjoying the morning before the sun rises and the day becomes hot. Or, sitting in these chairs on a cool evening down by the river with good friends and good beer shooting the breeze, laughing and chatting, listening to the tree crickets and watching the fire flies taking flight from the ground into the air providing magical amber twinkling light to make the night just right. Here's to you Roger! As I write this on a chilly February day I can only say days like the one shown in your photo cannot get here soon enough!

Photo by  Roger Pettry taken in the early morning somewhere on the Catawba River in Western NC.

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