Sunday, February 13, 2011

The wise, old Astro, left moves in gently to welcome baby Levi, while Gus, a.k.a. "Bat Ears," stands back

The Introduction of Levi

Levi, a pure bred black Labrador Retriever was born into the family of good friends on December 17th, 2010.  His mom is a 6-year-old black beauty named Lucy and this was her first and last litter of 11 pups.  Levi was a christmas gift to my husband and I, as we had lost our beloved Labrador, Sam, last Thanksgiving when a  kid in our neighborhood (where the speed limit is posted at 15 miles per hour) hit and mortally wounded Sam, who weighed in at around 100 lbs.  We were terribly saddened by our loss, and miss the gentle giant of our hearts to this very day. 

In 22 years, my husband, Dave (who took this photo), and I have known the kind of love Labs and dogs of labrador extraction have brought to our home,  and are sure this kind of dog will always be welcome,  as they are truly loving and devoted. 

We were blessed with the new pup as a generous Christmas gift from our good friends, the Dellingers.

So . . . Let's heare a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for our new puppy, LEVI!!!! We love ya little dude!

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