Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010 Has Flown By!

Just a "smidge" of the holiday booty

And . . . at last I bid the Christmas season of  2010 adieu! All the appetizers have been eaten, every supper that could be supped has been, all the gatherings and parties and tinsels and bells - done and gone.

Every year seems to have a gift giving theme.  For, all who know me either know me well or ... well, they don't know me. 

This year was the year of the bag.  I received a variety of cosmetic bags, tote bags, a hand bag and even a fancy table hook on which to hang my hand bag, but I think my hand bag might be altogether too hefty for it to be supported by a mere hook.  (An industrial crane might do the trick better!)

I now have more neck scarves and gloves and, judging by the looks of it, I may need them in the oncoming winter days.  BUT, my lips won't be chapped because it was also the year of lip balms so my kisser will be smooth. 

I've got pedicure implements and skin creams, long underwear and fleece pajamas.  I got treated to lunch and dinner a few times by my compadres.  I have books of inspiration and refrigerator magnets.  And, just so I can keep up with my own bad self in 2011, three new calendars, too!

And, by chance I get snowed in again I'll have a wonderful 500-piece puzzle  depicting my favorite birds to put together (I'm not real good at it ... uh, it might carry me through the summer, actually).

And . . . last but certainly not least, the hubby and I will have a fresh-off-the-vine black Lab puppy coming in late February.  Our dear friends' hunting Lab had a litter of 11 two weeks before Christmas and, since we lost our beloved chocolate Lab, Sam, last Thanksgiving they are lovingly gifting us with a male black Lab puppy!

That pretty much sums it up.  Oh yeah . . . HECK of a good New Year's Eve party Deb and Robert! A good time was had by all. (Or, in my case, I was also had by a good time - wink, wink.)

Happy New Year everyone!

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